The Understanding of the Press and Its Works

Some time ago, we were sold well in length, the “general conditions of the press” which were not really. The powerful and moguls, they gave birth to nothing more than a report of failure to understand the news channel that has become the press today. And in the first rank, of those who make it: journalists. In the Latest General news this is the best thing that you should be worried about.

This corporation cardholder and holder of tax abatement (mine) continues to be re-defined in relation to the beating, questioning, modernization, crises, etc. it has been violently since 2005. There is the date of the flight of the blogs, then immediately relayed by the social networks on line, which marked the beginning of its obsolescence. Indeed, why continue to pay journalists whose content can be replaced by others and who, as a bonus, are reluctant to “go on the web”. It’s double jeopardy!

In fact, journalism is experiencing several movements, aiming to give it a new substance or to record its difficulties of existence as such:

The mutant journalism: We spoke about it here a few months ago, acting the profusion of the appellations of the type “journalist conductor”, or “journalist DJ” in short the one which must be multifunctional, multi-uses, to question and produce ever more content, in total dependence on its “screen”.

This visual to sum it up

Recycled journalism: this is the strong trend developed (discreetly) since the end of 2008. It pushed at the beginning, rendered obsolete it turns into “independent” on the market. Who finds few “journalistic” missions but a lot of com ‘and consulting,which sometimes makes the apron to do something else radically. Imagine “journalist-entrepreneur”, as has for example formalized Philippe Couve.

The inter-journalism: it is the last tendency, acting this state “intermediate perdurer”, of the journalist incapable of taking again a fixed position, buzzing online by obligation (to remain in the part and to be identified), working like trainer or consultant. He is also stuck between generalized youthism and dominant “seniority”. He sails between two waters.

A Google search conducted today, in April 2019, does not reassure the horizon: this affair reveals the frustration felt by some of the decision-makers; when the Figaro feels compelled to recall ” Of the utility of being a journalist”, when a press release on the channel defines digital journalism as “backpack of journalism”; when finally the film “Front Line” shows the emptiness of the journalist witness of his time. Obviously, journalism doubts itself, at a time when its socio-economic necessity is destabilized.

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